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Monday, 08 June 2009


The sixth edition Good Beer Guide Belgium, written by famous English beer researcher Tim Webb, is readily available today!
Four years of hard labour melted inside what you easily can call the most complete Belgian Beer Bible !
First published in 1992, to become a totally independent beer guide. Makes it a damn trustworthy piece of Belgian beer information.
And what a piece of complete info about Belgian Beer has this become folks !
See also previous 'scooping' article about the release:

Here's the front cover, showing a panorama of the beautiful Graslei in Ghent.
The impressive tap line-up is taken at the Delirium Taphouse in Brussels ( Great cover !

One of the main differences between previous editions is the use of colors, which you can clearly see on the picture.
Starts with a grey section, followed by red, blue, and grey again.

The first - grey colored - section starts with a welcoming word, a nice introduction, followed with a touching remembrance on our absent friends like beer researchers - enthusiasts John White and Michael Jackson, both from England, who sadly passed away from us far too early. MUCH too early.

This is followed by 5 guest write-ups. Interesting articles starting with Canadian Stephen Beaumont, followed - in this order - by American "Belgian Beer importer" Dan Shelton, famous Belgian "Lambic blender/brewer" Frank Boon, Belgian "American beer connoisseur" Carl Kins from Kortrijk, and finished with an extensive article from the hands of English beer researcher Ron Pattinson. An article about why Belgium didn't follow the craft brewing revolution the last 20 years.

The first grey section also gives some historic facts about Belgium and its traditions - cultures.

Very convenient for foreign people: How to get to Belgium ! Really excellent descriptions in full details. Convenient at least.

This info is followed with some local information like accomodations, driving, cycling, train, busses, trams, etc...
Detailed articles about food, beer tourism, the beer brewing process, and even a more than complete beer events calendar, which really completes that first grey section with style.

Let's move to the red section.
A section covering all Belgian beer styles, breweries, brew firms (brewers without a brewery).

New is the brewery rating system, called the fun factor - using the 10mP scale.
To understand the 10mP scale, I suggest you just buy the book :) => Description on page 101.

One minor point about the red section: Why there's no mentioning of beer firms ? Beer firms that do not brew themselves, but still produce original Belgian beers, a not unimportant part of the Belgian beer scene. Seems unfair to wipe out a vast group of excellent original Belgian beers with great qualities. This could be an improvement in the next GBGB edition. Original Belgian beers just need that attention and promotion. Even for the GBGB, the sky should be the limit.

The red section is followed by the blue section that contains 99.9% of Belgians specialist beer bars.
This is what I call quite some piece of research. Extensive research done by Tim Webb himself, and his assiduous researchers group. A constant "daily" job of updating, adding, deleting, etc... My big appreciation !

Note that the whole book is illustrated with top-quality pictures. Some pictures even have that humour about them.
The guy drinking an ABInBev Jupiler pils from can when holding the Good Beer Guide Belgium Guide is quite funny.

The last section is again grey colored, and contains a vast collection of Belgian beer stores - warehouses, where to buy Belgian beer in Britain, and last but not least some pages mentioning consumer groups & websites.

Actually extreme flattering to see the Belgian Beer Board published on the first place !

People, the underlying message of this article: BUY THAT BOOK !!!!!

You definitely will need it when going for great quality Belgian beer when visiting Belgium.
This English couple I pictured a month ago at brewery Sint-Canarus already have found the excellent convenience from this absolute BEST Belgian beer book ever: The Good Beer Guide Belgium.
This book, completed with Tim Webb's 100 Belgian Beers to Try Before you Die (details), could make it even more perfect.

To order: CLICK HERE...


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blackhaddock - Ordered it today Registered | 2009-06-14 08:51:23
I have four editions of Tim Webbs GBG to Belgium so I thought I'd better get the sixth. I'll have to check which other one I don't own.

I have also ordered the 100 beers before you die, so plenty of interesting reading for me when they arrive.

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