This is a collection of beer glasses (mostly old ones), which I still use to taste.
My favorit beers are the trappist beers. The name "TRAPPIST" is a registered name and may only be used by 7 breweries (Abbeys) under supervision of Cistercian monks. These monks have the know-how of brewing these beers for about 2 centuries now and have always improving their brewart !
Six Trappists are Belgian: Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval and Achel.
One Trappist is Dutch and is called La Trappe.
Drinking these beers in their original and if possible in their original OLD glasses is really a surplus value in the appreciation of them !

A rare and old glass of trappist Achel.

This is the new glass of trappist Achel.

Abbey Steenbrugge
This is a rare and very old (around 50 years old) glass of Abbey Steenbrugge.

Abbey Steenbrugge

The same as the previous glass but without "Abdij Steenbrugge" written on it !

A beautiful glass of trappist Chimay. Not old but really beautiful whith this golden text and emblem.

This is the new Chimay glass.


Very old glass of trappist Orval. must be about 60 years old ! Text is enameled.

Another old glass of trappist Orval. Remark the different "L" shape from the other Orval glass. Text is also enameled.
An old and rare glass of trappist Rochefort.

Sint Sixtus

Trappist Westvleteren. This is really a very rare glass! It has the same shape and age as the previous Rochefort glass.

About 20 years old Westvleteren glass.

This is the current used Westvleteren glass.

La Trappe
A nice little glass of trappist beer La Trappe. Used to be the only Dutch trappist beer. The brewing has been finished.

Another La Trappe glass (not old) with golden lettering.


This is an old glass of trappist Westmalle with a golden rim.


This is one of my most beautiful glasses. Very old and the carved textures in the glass are a real beauty.


A beautiful solid old glass of trappist Westmalle. This one is the most heavy Westmalle glass I have. Unfortunately it's a little damaged :(


This old Westmalle glass is not the same as the one on the left. Remark a difference in shape of glass and text. This one is not so heavy and not so old.



Old Westmalle glass with black surrounded white text.


This old Westmalle glass with silver rim is newer than the previous ones.

Old Westmalle glass with golden rim and carved textures in the glass. Remark the golden coloured emblem ! Wonderful glass !

Old Westmalle glass with the inscription B.T.W..


This Westmalle glas is an anniversary glass with golden lettering.



This is NOT an old glass. This is the current version which is used nowadays in Belgian beerpubs.

Sint Bernardus

An old glass of abbey beer St Bernardus. This has nothing to do with the real trappist Westvleteren of abbey St Sixtus.

Very similar glass like the one on the left but the lettering and emblem are much bigger.


Another old glass of abbey beer St Bernardus.

This old St Bernardus glass is not the same as the previous one. The emblem on the previous glass is written with a double line. Shape is also different.



This is an old "fake" trappist glass of abbey beer Witkap. Nice glass !

Another old "fake" trappist glass of abbey beer Witkap.


Another old "fake" trappist glass.

An old 50 cl. mug of trappist Westmalle.

Another old 50 cl. mug of trappist Westmalle with different picture.

This is the 1 liter version.

A very nice old Westmalle mug.

Also very nice Westmalle mug. Remark the same shape as the previous one.

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