Het Biermuseum

Kuipstraat 36, 9940 Ertvelde

Tel/Fax: 09/344.81.47

E-mail: beremietje@hotmail.com

Open on Mon, Thur & Fri from 18.00

Saturdays from 14.00 till ?

Sundays and Holidays from 10.00 till ?

The Entrance

The entrance towards the cellar-pub (also museum). Remark the huge collection of rare enameled commercial plates on the wall. Beware entering the pub not to hit your head against the (low) door roof !!!!!!

The pub which is also a museum has two compartments. On the left there is the huge Glass collection and on the right side the enormous Bottle collection. Here you see the glass section at the left side.

This is also the glass section but pictured at right side

The right section with bottles. This is a worldwide collection and all of the bottles are still "Full"

The same section pictured at the right side. Remark the bartender and owner of this beautiful place, Remi preparing some music on the old juke-box.

This is a small passage at the most right side of the pub. Also totally filled with beer bottles !!

The beautiful bar

A Close-up of some bottles. The collection also contains a lot of old disappeared beer bottles. Remark the very old bottle of Bush Beer Strong Ale at the bottom !!

"Het Biermuseum" has it's own house beer made at Lefevre (Quenast). It's called "Beremietje" and is a 5.4% beer which has a very delightful refreshing spicy taste and aroma. A beer re-brewed with an old disappeared recipe. A real recommendation. This beer is only brewed for this beerpub and in that way very "unique". A hop-cheese also only made for this place by a nearby farmer's wife can be tasted here. This is a patented cheese and unique worldwide. The "only" cheese worldwide with hops as ingrediënt !!!!!!!

Once a month there is Café Chantant with Dany's Guitar sound and Franky (Fons) The Pianoman.




Vrijdag 27 augustus:
20.00 u.:11e Biermuseum quiz.
Quizleider Dhr. Mares Robert.
Max. 20 ploegen. Inschr. €12/per ploeg.

Zaterdag 28 augustus:
20.00 u.:18e Bierprins(es) verkiezing.
Quizleider Dhr. De Vilder Frank.
Inschr. €5/per persoon.

Zondag 29 augustus:
12.30 u.:Warme beenham
€12/per persoon,€6/per kind-12j.
15.00 u.:Privé schieting op 2 wippen zonder vizier.
€100 gratis + €50 natura prijzen.

Maandag 30 augustus:
14.00 u.:Gaaibolling €60 gratis. Inleg €3.

Dinsdag 31 augustus:
13.30 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. G - G+ - F2.
15.00 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. E - E+ - F1.
16.30 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. A - B - C - D.
14.30 u.:Kermisschieting op 2 wippen zonder vizier.
€100 gratis + €50 natura prijzen.
Iedereen welkom. Voor meer leute en plezier,tijdens de schieting €2 voor ½ l. bier.

Woensdag 1 september:
13.30 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. G - G+ - F2.
15.00 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. E - E+ - F1.
16.30 u.:Wielerwedstrijd WAOD. A - B - C - D.

Alle activiteiten gaan door in en rond Het Biermuseum, Kuipstraat 36, Ertvelde.
Tel.: 09/344.81.47. Gsm 0477/417.199.
Met medewerking van het Gemeentebestuur en de Politiezone Assenede – Evergem.