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Bruges has a new beer tavern!
It's called Flandrine. A beautiful name if you ask me  t_u , similar to that other great Bruges' tavern, called Flandria.

This place used to be the legendary café De Vuurmolen. But after decades, it suddenly stopped to exist.

But see, things are taken over by Liesbeth (left) and Kim (right). What a great decision  :appauding-1:

Liesbeth here on the right side, next to the beautiful bar.

Flandrine by Cambrinus.
Yes, because they are the same owners.
Makes it, together with the small and big Cambrinus, all that more complete.

Groundfloor picture with the entrance in the back there.
Big terrace outside too, which is very convenient during warmer sunny weather.

Groundfloor interior, taken to the left side.

There is also a second floor!

Upstairs one can see that bar in bird perspective

More space for more beer and food  :appauding-1:

This really is a truely amazing interior. Such an inviting, cosy tavern. Beautiful design with Cambrinus, served by Flandrine !

Upstairs, there is also this separate room, in case Flandrine gets full packed. That's quite some big space.

Well, that's a bit how Flandrine looks alike when heading to the 2nd. floor. GREAT !

Back downstairs now. We were sitting underneith this copper shiny Cristal Alken beer tank.
There are two of them.
Pilsner Cristal Alken is from tap, straight from tank!
As you've guessed, this is indeed a Cristal-Alken tied address.

The beer mats are so beautiful !

Here is the menu.

The beers and drinks menu.
As you noticed, Flandrine isn't really a beer specialty bar.
It is mainly beers from Alken-Maes and a few other treasures.
For specialty beers, Cambrinus is THE place ofcourse.

I'm getting hungry by watching that food menu  :find:
Little hunger or big hunger, up to you to choose. Thaty's actually a big choise, incl. tapas and a dessert menu.

Interesting to mention that Flandrine offers Dutch food! That's quite unique here in Bruges.
For example this "broodje kroket" ( croquette sandwich )

Excellent comfort food really - yummy.

A half litre of Affligem tripel! Poured into pint glasses. How satisfying is this :tenor:
Notice the nibble cookies.
Damn, they were so tasty! Garlicy, spicy, cheesy....full of flavor.

My first tasting moment of Hapkin Belgian IPA! 6.7 vol%
Actually, this was Katrien's choice, as they don't have Trappist Westmalle Tripel.
As expected, US citric hoppy.
A smooth beer with also alot of fruits going on too. Not too alcoholic. 
An excellent session beer if you ask me  :zicon2_beer3:
That softness and smoothness are amazing. Love it  t_u

I went for someting more potent  t_u

Bruges' Dentelle cheese with spicy chutney.

Well, that's a brief description of Bruges' newest tavern. A tavern I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone.
It is what I would call a gem, but not a real beer pub to be precise.
Actually, I was already very happy with the Affligem triple from tap and that excellent La Trappe Quadrupel.
Next door, there is De Cluuse, run by Frederik.  Beers more than enough over there.  :animated-cheers:

BTW...Flandrine opens all days from 11am onwards.

More details soon on the Flandrine website, which still is not ready yet:


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