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The first beer tasting on the new BBB has been achieved :)
This really needed to be a classic Belgian beer.

Duvel  :animated-belgium-flag:

Tasted at
Not a place that we normally go to, but I was given the consumption cheques at work, and this place is listed where you can buy with the cheques.... hence...
Not really a beer place. They have about 25 beers, mainly from Duvel-Moortgat, as this tavern is Duvel-Moortgat tied
Exceptions: Westmalle dubbel en tripel, Augustijn, Cornet, Duvel, and a couple of others.
I went for the normal Duvel. Duvel Triple Hop Citra was also available.
€4.20 for the Duvel.
I could pour my glass by myself, as the the full bottle was presented along.
Gently pouring till the last bit, incl. the yeast sediment. That is how I prefer it.
It gives a hazy beer. If you want a crystal clear beer, you simply don't pour the sediment.
Important is that you pour with a huge head as result. Essential!
Tasting and nosing surprised me  :o
Much more hops are going on as I remember.
Fruity, floral hops to be precise. Gives it that delicious flowery perfumy aroma.
Tasting only confirms the nose. Wow, such a hoppy beer this is.
This is not a beer that I frequently taste. It's actually been a while since I had my last one.
I can remember this beer always had that subtle sulfuric side taste. Well, this has disappeared.
It's just like tasting the Duvel Citra hop, but without the citric hops  :o Amazing.
The beer is still quite sweet as it should be. Nice full mouth feeling too.
A beer to sip in the sunshine on a terrace, which we did.
Paired with this tapas platter makes it a complete FEAST  :beer:


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