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This message nicely follows the Br. d'Achouffe started from bits and pieces.... post.
Brasserie d'Achouffe turned 40 years this year, and that needs to be celebrated ofcourse.
For this occasion, some limited gift-packs were made, and  send to loyal customers, which seems I'm also part of it.
See, brewmaster Achouffe Chris Bauweraerts snail-mailed me this wonderful package !!!  t_u

The package shows the Achouffe based brewery d'Achouffe. Beautiful  t_u

After a while, I found out how to actually open this carton box. Patience really is a virtue :)

Quite some surprise to find out that it contains a bottle of Achouffe blonde, an authentic Achouffe bottle opener, tasting glass, the red gnome cap (with bell), and a load of beer mats!

Some explainations...

Packing out was a feast :)

I thought that they would have added the new 40 years anniversary beer, and the appropriate tasting glass.

This is how the anniversary beer and glass looks alike.

CHOUFFE 40 - 5.6 vol%

To celebrate 40 years of CHOUFFE, the gnomes wanted to surprise eveyone who enjoys Brasserie d'Achouffe beers. They created CHOUFFE 40, a special beer that combines smoothness with hints of spice. It's a refreshing blond beer that's lighter than the rest of the range, and you'll love its citrus and sage notes.

More details:

On 12 – 13 – 14 August 40 years brasserie d'Achouffe fest in Achouffe. Under the name "LA GRANDE CHOUFFERIE".


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