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Covid times are fading away slowly here in Belgium.
Today, one can sit on a terrace and even inside.
The weather is perfect these days too. Alot of sunshine and warmth.
Sunday afternoon relaxation time at De Zevende Hemel (the 7th. heaven) brings you straight into.....yes, HEAVEN  ;)
We were sitting on the outside patio.
Here is our beer tasting line up and the food we ordered along.... enjoy the virtual beer savoring enjoyment.

Trappist Achel Blond, still showing the ATP logo.
They are still a Trappist beer, but not an Authentic Trappist Product.
This is one of my favorit blond beers. Great body with a rather sweet flavor, and a rich dose of fresh hops.
Smooth and silky mouthfeeling, and a wonderful creamy head. A treat.

This Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel is still on my "favorit beers list".
A Quadrupel with amazing spicy flavors. Reminds me of Struise Pannepot, which means: top quality!

Gouden Carolus tripel from draught for Katrien.
The beers were paired with a delicious ham dish. Yummy  t_u

That excellent Urthel Samaranth is always readily available over there, which I really do like. Hence my ordering  :zicon2_beer3:
Call this a delicious barley wine. A wonderful recipe from Hildegard  t_u

The last beer needed to be a masterpiece!
Trappist Rochefort 10 is that perfect example.

Time for dinner by now.
I went for the "lekkerbek", which actually is a Dutch speciality.
It is very similar to the British "fish & chips", only there is no vinegar involved, except for the home made tartare sauce.
This is comfort food on higher levels folks. And such a great presentation too.

Katrien went for her usual beer (a masterpiece too), and two different croquettes. One with cheese and one with Northsea shrimps.
There is also the choice to go for 3 croquettes, but that was that bit too much for her that evening.

Anyway, that was quite some treat there yesterday  t_u
Something we always look out for when heading to Beernem, so close to Bruges. A gem !!!!!


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