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With the launch of Rodenbach Evolved, Rodenbach brewers are pushing past boundaries.
Brouwerij Rodenbach, known for its exceptional Flemish Red-Brown beer, announces the launch of Rodenbach Evolved. This new limited edition series marks a bold new direction for the iconic Rodenbach beers. With this launch, the brew and cellar masters are pushing past the boundaries of craftsmanship and embracing the spirit of innovation more than ever before. Each year, they will surprise beer lovers with a new edition of Rodenbach Evolved. With the Evolved line, the brewery is embarking on an exciting journey of discovery, and each edition will blend creativity with our rich brewing tradition and know-how.

The first edition: Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years
The first edition of Rodenbach Evolved is "Grand Cru Aged 10 Years,'"an ode to the iconic Rodenbach Grand Cru. The name refers to Rodenbach, matured for ten years in foeder no. 95. Then the brew and cellar masters blend it with a small portion of young beer. The exceptionally long maturation process gives this beer a truly unique character. The maturation produces organic flavors of sour cherries, green apple, leather, oak and red fruit. Rodenbach Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years demonstrates the unrivaled maturation capability of Flemish Red-Brown beer.

Brew and cellar master Rudi Ghequire:
"Rodenbach Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years (6% alc/vol) is an iconic mixed fermentation beer with superior qualities, in the style of Flemish Red-Brown beer.
Thanks to exceptionally long maturation in an upright 65,000-liter foeder, the matured beer has an even more pronounced wood character. Just like the classic Grand Cru, this Evolved beer is rounded off by the addition of a small portion of young Rodenbach. The organic flavors developed over the long cask maturing period are of exceptional purity and tend towards sour cherries, green apples, leather, oak and candied red fruits, but are more fused by the positive influence of the unprecedentedly long cask maturation process. This is the ultimate proof that a Flemish Red-Brown beer has unique and exceptional maturation capability and, thanks to 10-year cask maturation, it can bring even more complexity and roundness to the beer. In short, an iconic beer that deserves a place in your beer library! A must have."


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