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A day to explore a bit further afield and so took the underground train to visit the St Pauli Elbe Tunnel.

So taking the longest train journey of our trip we arrived at the large dock land area on the vast river Elbe.

The tunnel was accessed via a rickety wooden lift down 80ft to the walkway below, a bright and clean 200ft arrow straight tunnel that stretched as far as you could see.

Walking to the other end brought us to another wooden lift upwards, Linda and Anna took the easy option whereas I opted to walk up the many flights of stairs winding their way upwards inside what looked like a Bond villains lair.

Exiting on the other side of the river Elbe the sight was much more industrial, so after a Quick Look around we decided to venture through the tunnel once again back to the bustle of the harbour side...amazing to think that you're free to walk around this area and all for free too.

After a stroll along the harbour side we jumped on the train (with its elevated track raised above the main road, like something out of Chicago) we headed back home.

That evening we explored the Christmas markets (Hamburg has 14) indulging in hot baked goods (Pfaffengluck) and hot Gluhbier and so sampling the legendary Feuerzangenbowle (fire bowl) hot Mulled Wine with a rum soaked block of sugar lit so it rains hot and sugary into the festive brew.

Time for one last bar - Dorlam for their Mikkeller tap takeover, my first beer a Beer Geek Konfekt (11.5% Imperial Stout with hazelnut, marzipan and cocoa nibs) my this was marzipan overload as one was enough so my next choice was a absolute beast.

By now the bar was crammed so I chose some beers to bring home and we made our way back to our hotel.

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