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It is always such a nice experience when we hit beer pub/tavern De Snelle Duve (The Fast Pigeon) at - nearby to Bruges - Snellegem.
That magic old place exposing all those local pigeon sport attributes from the old times.

Starting with a truly excellent Achel blond.
Nowadays called Achel tripel, with a different label as been showed over here.
It's not a Trappist beer anymore.
The label you see here is already a transformation towards the new labels.
It still carries the word "trappist", but the ATP-logo (Authentic Trappist Product) has been replaced with the monastery's logo.
This "transition label" can become a true collectors item withing time!!
Rest assured, this beer is as great as ever. Nothing has been changed towards that precious recipe from brewmaster Marc Knops in cooperation with the monks (Brother Antoine).

Next beer is that legendary Sint-Bernardus Abt 12 (10 vol%)
Paired with two dried sausages, nicely cut into small pieces, paired with the famous local (=Torhout) Xtreme sharp Wostyntje mustard.

Don't be surprised with that purple color.
Actually, there is a candle light behind.
The candle light was nearly finished, giving a big flame, and giving in reality a deep orange shine.
To my upper surprise my Xiaomi smartphone made it purple  :eyes:  A mystery  ???
This beer still has the same recipe as the Westvleteren 12. Different flavor of course, because already the ingredient water is different.
I always taste some liquorice .... and again that was my experience.
I still wonder if this comes from the hops, or there actually is liquorice used.
This would also mean that the Trappist Westvleteren 12 has liquorice as well. That mystery still remains ....  :chin:

Time for food and another beer!
I went for the Duivels Bier from brewery Boon.
Knowing brewery Boon merely produces wild fermented beers like Oude Gueuze makes it quite something special knowing they also make a top-fermented non-sour beer.
This looks very risky (infection) to me, similar to Girardin producing a pilsner.
But anyway, they gladly succeeded doing that trick. "Isolation" is of course the key!!

Wauw..... This is such a masterpiece.
Actually, I would prefer this above Westvleteren 8 or Rochefort 8 ! NOT joking 💯
Made with three kinds of malts and very important, the use of whole hop flowers!!

Duivels Beer is a strong, dark beer that has been brewed in Halle since 1883. Originally it was a specialty beer for pilgrims. It has long been a regional product of Halle. Originally the name of the beer was Duivel and it was brewed by the Pêtre Frères brewery from Halle. In 1923, the Moortgat brewery launched its own heavy Scotch ale under the name Duvel (until 1965 Duvel was a heavy dark beer). Then follow years of battle over the name. In 1952, the Pêtre brewery closed and the "Duivel" brand was taken over by the Vander Linden brewery. In 1996, the brewery officially registered the "Duivelsbier" brand. The Vander Linden brewery closed in 2001 (in 2008 the buildings were sold to be demolished and apartments built). In 2002, the "Duivelsbier" brand was transferred to the Boon brewery. In 2003 the label was renewed and the name changed to Duivels Bier.

More details:

There is also some good news for the future, as written by Karel Boon on the BBB Facebook group:
"We're actually planning to distribute Duivels Bier a bit wider starting this year, with a new label. It's all step by step.
I hope USA at some point too, but nothing yet confirmed now.
We might brew a Blond version too. But again, step by step. 😉"

Something tells me the future could be very Brightful for the Duivels Bier.
The quality of this beer is as such AMAZING and so DELICIOUS too. One of my favorite Belgian beers!

Farmers ham with bread for Katrien.

The spaghetti (the BIG one) for me.

Of course(!) spiced with the essential Tabasco !  t_u

What a treat this - again - was.
This is a place that should be placed on your TO-DO list when hitting Bruges.
It requires a small bus trip from Bruges, but that'll be some great fun and a great reward afterwards too.  t_u


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