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We are back home from a splendid one week of Italian holiday at Pescara, more precise at Montesilvano, a small village just next to the bigger city of Pescara.
The weather was sunny and around 18°C, which was really very comfortable.
In the morning and evening it was adviced to wear a warming coat though, the sun really makes that difference.
Palm trees, orange and lemon trees everywhere. Oranges and lemons massively growing on the trees. Unreal for us Belgians.
We had alot of local food and many local Italian wines too. Everything was so delicious.
You'll find all the pictures on facebook:

Our hotel (Hotel Excelsior) was located close to a fantastic Belgian beer pub!

Here we see the inviting lightboard with the name.

Google told us that bar opens at 6pm, but that actually should be 7pm.
That's because 7pm is at low season and 6pm at high season.
Indeed, we were too early, and needed to wait for a while.

A well deserved waiting! (patience is always a virtue)
Look what a great interior!

We were the first customers, but that'll change drastically after 8pm.
At some point, Italians tend to visit restaurants and bars at quite late hours.
Around 9pm, this place was full packed!!

The tap beer list.

The bottles list. There is only Belgian beer available.
Note that all the bottled beers came at the same price being €6.00.
We ofcourse went for the better quality stronger beers :)

Great quality, and kept at perfect conditions. The beers were fresh......essential!
It's always such a strange experience to find the Biere de Boucanier outside Belgium.
You won't easily find them in Belgium. Well, if you look hard, you sure wil find though.
This beer range from bry. Vansteenberge is mainly exported. I've always wondered why  ???
This Bière du Boucanier Golden Ale comes at 11 vol%!
One would say that this is a label beer from Piraat, but no way, this beer is different!
Not that sweet and more earthy-drier in flavor.
It is such a damn lovely beer! I demand a massive distribution here in Belgium too. Did you read, bry. Van Steenberge? :)

Time to eat something...

That delicious mixed platter was more than enough for us that evening!

I had a little chat with the owner and she showed me the previous beer menu.
That's from before Corona, and the beer list was much more massive.
Damn Corona virus  ::::::(

The Brasserie de Bruxelles tap installation.
Notice the funny Manneken Pis artwork, and that beautiful blue color. Amazing!

More amazing is this Manneken Pis doing his job inside the pub :)

I captured the peeing! What a great gimmick! Makes it all that more enjoyable too.

Even Belgian beer shop "De Biertempel" from Liesbeth De Reyghere, located in the heart of Brussels, is part of the decorations.

Time for another Belgian beer....

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadrupel (10.5 vol%) and Kasteel Tripel (11 vol%) easily does that trick :)
Both are masterpieces of Belgian brewing craftsmenship. This is 100% Belgian beer enjoyment folks  B_FLAG

Leaving this place was really a hard nut to crack.
So we ordered us a nightcap from Italian origine :)

Amaro di Vecchio and a delicious Grappa Bianca.

This truly is "La Dolce Vita"  t_u



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