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Last weekend, we went to beerpub the HOPtimist here in Bruges for some mysterious Belgian beers.

This is what we ordered.
A Maredret Altus and a Maredret Triplus, paired with a delicious mixed platter.
What follows is a bit of info about this rather new beer. It exists for about two years already.

Information comes fromère

Dear visitors,

We are very pleased to share with you of the birth of our twins Altus and Triplus

Two delicious beers from the Abbey of Maredret!

In tune with nature, you know that the nuns of Maredret perpetuate the prodigious craftsmanship of St. Hildegard of Bingen.
A naturopath before her time, the nun used plants as early as the eleventh century to treat various ailments of the body and mind, in the purest tradition of monasteries.

The community continues this tradition today not only through the sessions on health according to St. Hildegard, sacred song and illumination, but, more recently, through a range of craft beers, whose recipes have been carefully selected in line with the know-how passed down from Hildegard of Bingen.

Discover the beers of the Sisters of the Abbey of Maredret, a range brewed from spelt and plants, inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen.

Triplus 8%

Spelt provides floral, nutty and slightly bitter notes and supports the strong spicy scent of Triplus while imparting subtle acidity. The use of botanicals, including coriander, galangal, and sage for the Triplus, gives it a unique taste.

Altus 6.8%

Spelt provides floral, nutty and slightly bitter notes and supports the yeast aromas of Altus. The use of botanicals, including cloves and juniper berries for the Altus, gives it its unique taste.

Where to find them?

In our monastic shop in Maredret of course!

But also at

  • the Ferme de Mont Saint Jean in Waterloo
  • Carrefour stores
  • Carrefour Hyper
  • Carrefour Market
  • Carrefour Market by Mestdagh
  • Match
  • Prik & Tik stores
  • Drinks from the Delsart brewery
  • at the Ermeton Drink Center
  • the best drinks in Belgium

I must confess that I was utterly surprised with both beers  :exclamation:
Such a wonderful velvety soft beers.
The use of coriander, galangal, and sage with the Triplus makes it such a nice spicy beer. Quite a thymy flavor, but that's from the sage ofcourse.
The use of botanicals, including cloves and juniper berries for the Altus makes it very special too!
BUT !!!!! We also tasted wild Brett flavors in the Altus.
At first, I thought this to be an infection. Yes, really, but at some point, Trappist beer Orval came into my mind.
It sure is a wanted funky Brett flavor, and the 6.8 vol% is quite fitting the alc% of Orval.
Wauw, this really amazed me. It's actually quite a dry beer too. No wonder as wild yeasts eat sugar that easy  :eyes:
Both beers were very soft on the tongue and had a wonderful velvety soft creamy foam layer.
This immediately reminded me of the beers from La Trappe!

The mystery about these beers is that there is no single mentioning of the brewery where it is brewed  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???

Note that this beer is made through beer firm Anthony Martin, in co-operation with the monastery of Maredret.

The typical La Trappe shape of the glass, that very soft water, that legendary La Trappe velvety foam layer, the similarities with Dominus from Anthony Martin brewed at Koningshoeven (is that actually still brewed?), the abbey link, and the huge distribution through Carrefour supermarket makes me think it is brewed at Koningshoeven (La Trappe). But ofcourse, I could be completely wrong :)

Anyway, what a great beers, and they are already inside my top beer list of today !!

Need to pay my local supermarket Carrefour a visit ASAP  t_u


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