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Hi folks,
It's always such an utterly pleasure heading to Herberg Wijnendaele Wandeling nearby Bruges at Torhout.

A great 60+ beers location, where eating is the main thing to do.

When I go there, I always order their Sint-Bernardus Abt straight from tap!

That's 5 Euro for a big volume, more than 33cl. to be precise.
From tap, it always tastes so much more fresh. Especially the hops!!

Katrien went for the ever delicious Bush Caractère. A crystal clear amber colored 12 vol% beauty.

Time for food folks !
Nice that we got that small appetizer when waiting for our food.
It's round shaped crackers with surimi mayonaise salad.

We choose to go for the mixed platters. They are called the Breughel platters.
Sharing is caring, so we ordered the cheese AND the cold meat platter at €17.00 each, and shared everything with eachother by cutting in half.
That makes much more choice, more flavors, and ... more fun  :appauding-1:

The platters are served with these complementary side dishes.
Lard with small bits of pork crackling, Wostyntje mustard (after all we are in Torhout), pickled gherkins and pickled small onions.
There is also that dish of boiled potatoes in their jackets. SOOO delicious  t_u

Farmers bread was presented too. That's where you put the lard on.

A close-up of the piping hot potatoes. Quite an essential addition if you ask me, it simply completes everything !

Folks, if going for a truly Burgundian treat, this is your place!

That's 10/10 for sure, but be prepared to make a reservation when arriving later than 5pm!


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