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Hi everyone...MBCC report time

Boarded the plane for our 7:30am flight to Copenhagen and shortly after 10am we were walking along the corridor at CPH airport that's lined with blue smiley faces, this instantly screams Denmark to us.

After quickly negotiating passport control and retrieving our luggage we made our way downstairs as this year we decided to catch the train into the centre of Copenhagen, much more affordable than the taxi we usually take and equally as fast with them leaving every 15 minutes and the journey taking just 10 minutes plus the train station in town is just 2 minutes from our hotel...why we haven't done this before but we will from now on.

Checking in for our hotel (the Absalon) wasn't until 2pm so we put our bags into storage and headed out and to our first bar - Warpigs.

There are just a small handful of bars across Europe that despite the countless number of times you visit you still get butterflies in your stomach as you approach them (Beertje will always be my No1) but also bars like De Garre, Helleketel and Basqueland and also Warpigs.

As we walk through the meat packaging area I can feel the excitement building and with the time approaching midday the bar and outside seating area was packed but we managed to find an empty spot, sit down and relax.
First beers ordered in the form of a couple of 6% DIPAs and talk about hitting the spot, as fresh as ever and full of biting sweet hops.

It turns out there's another reason why Warpigs was so busy, we were 30 minutes away from a 3 Sons bottle release - might as well stay for another beer then.

A week or so earlier Warpigs had posted that 2 special barrel aged beers were being released in time for MBCC...

Silent Ritual - 12.8% Imperial Stout aged for 30 months in Bourbon Barrels

Vanilla Gorilla - 13% Imperial Baltic Porter aged 36 months in Danish Rye Whiskey Barrels

Both we available in bottles and from tap, Silent Ritual was my next beer, this is what I love about this style of beer...a thick rich heavy stout left in a barrel for many months - beer, barrel, time.

This was such an amazing beer and despite being in Warpigs less than an hour I bought my first bottle

With the time approaching 12 a table loaded with bottles and cans already had a queue of around 30 people eager for the 3 Sons release but we decided to wait and have a couple of lower ABV IPAs before buying.

So with the line all gone (along with our beers) I went and bought a 3 Sons DIPA, another Silent Ritual and a couple of Vanilla Gorilla, quite the haul for just over an hour.

Back to our hotel to check in properly and unpack then it was back to the meat packing area to ÅBEN (another one of THOSE special bars) we love this place so had to pay it a visit, to sit in the covered outdoor bar area with a DIPA and NEIPA was just magical.

So after beers bought to bring home we headed out of the meat packing area but on our way stopped by an innocent looking bar come cafe come sandwich shop. A totally unassuming looking place and one we've walked past loads of times - Kødbyens Høker

This small cafe is nothing more than a serving hatch and small outdoor seating area but it was packed, so noticing a sign for beer we grabbed a table.
Just 2 beers were available and both from Danish brewery Herslev Bryghus, yet despite the minuscule beers available and indeed minuscule setup we thoroughly enjoyed our time there - the relaxed atmosphere, the laid back approach (you go to the serving hatch to order you beer)and the friendly locals all made for a memorable half hour, this is a place we simply walk past again.

Continuing our exit we headed to the Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade to see if we could pick up our wristbands (sadly they were out) never mind there's always time for a Wheatbeer before deciding to head back to our hotel in the direction of Dia Legd just across the street for one final DIPA before retiring for the day...tomorrow we go on our travels.

Jay  t_u

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