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Day 2

Today we take a trip to Sweden and so after catching the wrong train  :D  we set off a second time from Copenhagen Central Station and headed past Malmö and onwards to Lund - a picturesque city at the Southern tip of Sweden with ancient cobblestone streets lined with half timbered buildings.

Exiting the train station and after a gentle stroll past well maintained public gardens we arrived at our first port of call Lundabryggeriets Ölkällare, a basement restaurant and bar so let's pop in for a drink.

Madame Fläder and Starke Nels, a couple of IPAs both from the Lund brewery and both delicious.

Beers consumed we had a stroll around the beautiful old town, stopping off to buy the most delicious Danish (or should that be Swedish) pastries and paying a visit to the local Systembolaget to buy some local beers - the only place (except bars and restaurants) where you can buy alcohol over 3% ABV.

People have a presumption that beer in Sweden is going to be expensive and that may well be true in some circumstances but not at these licensed stores - 7 beers ranging from 8-12% ABV cost just over £20.

Time for something to eat and so Inferno bar was the choice, a bar located in a beautiful red brick and black timbered building.

To our surprise despite being in Sweden they served Bulgarian cuisine (new to us) so Bulgarian it is but a beer first and one from Gotland Bryggeri (not a brewery you see here in the UK) in the form of a crisp, bitter, biscuity IPA with food in the form of some delicious sounding burgers but we opted for the Bulgarian and they were named after the dish they were served in - Tile and Gondola...Pork stew in white wine and Summer Savoury also Beef in red wine with salami and Vasterbotten cheese and both delicious.

Bellies filled it was time to catch the train back to Copenhagen but decided to stop off on route with a quick visit to Malmö to visit Hyllie Bryggeri for a beer (or two)
We visited this brewery last year and enjoyed it so much another visit this year was a must. Beers shared were an IPA, DIPA, a roasty Porter and crisp lager.

After buying a T-shirt (sadly no beer, we are in Sweden) it was back to the train station with the most amazing Espresso from the St Jakobs stall.

Back in Copenhagen it was unpacking then out for the evening at the Mikkeller Bar, Fermentoren and Warpigs...what a day it had been.

Jay  t_u

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