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Part 3

Day of the festival but that's not until 4pm, so the morning was spent with a walk through the beautiful Ørstedsparken to the Torvehallerne Market for a visit to the Mikkeller and Friends Bottleshop to buy some special beers to bring home...and boy did I pickup some stunners (Cycle, Resident Culture and Grimm amongst others)

Bag filled it was time for a beer (well one for, I was on the Orangina) and she chose a firm favourite - Tripel Karmeliet from tap and boy did she get a hefty pour, almost a full Karmeliet glass.

The surroundings and bustle of the colourful market stalls filled with vegetables, fruit and flowers creating the perfect picturesque backdrop.

Time to head back across the park to our hotel to unpack and get ready for the festival.
Bags unpacked and repacked with food and water and with the time approaching 3pm we made the 5 minute walk to the festival site held in the large open plan Øksnehallen.

Collecting our glasses we stood in line on the large cobbled courtyard surrounded by food stalls, people sat at benches sharing bottles and it was whilst in line that we bumped into our friend Andreas and arranged to meet up again once inside.

The whole area had an excited buzz about it, so many beer fanatics all counting down the minutes and even before the festival opened for its final session people were coming over sharing beers - complete strangers sharing in the festival joy

At 4pm Mikkel Bjergsø and friend open the doors and set off their green flared...the final session is underway.

Upon entering it seemed like everyone made for one of two stands - Omnipollo or Moksa, we shot right past them all and made for a quiet spot at the back with Linda randomly picking me my first beer and boy did she pick and absolute thumper from Cigar City, she chose Apple Brandy Hunahpus...WOWSER what a start, a Mexican spiced 12.7% Imperial Stout aged in Apple Brandy Barrels.

After that mighty start it was onto the 8% DIPAs.

Time for more of the dark stuff and one from Wake Brewing and their Ultra Omega - 12% Imperial Stout aged for 12 months in Mississippi Bourbon Barrels.

Another beer worthy of a mention is by Resident Culture and their Barrel Aged Ego Death Compost Cookie (check the ingredients) and it so worked, completely bonkers.

It was whilst enjoying this beer that Andreas messaged me to get over to his table to sample some bottles he had brought to share with friends and boy had he brought some properly stunning beers, easily some of the most expensive I've ever tasted, such amazing generosity.

Time for another walk around the food stalls and chose some mega tasty vinegar fries with tartar sauce.

Bellies topped up it was time for something different and chose a Mead from Superstition and it was as I was finishing that a bloke came up to me and asked if I like to try a Mead made especially for the festival.

Back on the dark stuff and chose an Old Fashioned - 11.6% Barley Wine aged in Bourbon, Orange and Spiced Cherry Bitters barrels and designed to taste like one of my favourite cocktails an Old Fashioned and it REALLY did.

Another message from Andreas, more bottles to try and he truly outdid himself with a Side Project Anabasis and finally a Side Project 10 Year Barleywine...this guy is an absolute legend.

It was whilst we were sat sharing these jaw dropping beers that a bloke from Fremont came over with a Magnum of their 14th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine for us to sample.

With the festival drawing to an end (for now) it was time to say our goodbyes but now it was time to "boogie with the brewers" at the aftershow was the perfect end to another perfect festival.

Signed the ÅBEN poster (bottom middle)

Jay t_u

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