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Day 4

Wowser what a day yesterday was, a full on beery festival but today we take it at a more relaxed pace and Linda has booked us on a Mikkeller boat cruise.
So making our way to the colourful Nyhavn area for our 2pm departure a large crowd was already assembled at the Anchor meeting point.

We went on a boat cruise last year and that takes 1 hour to explore the waterways but this Mikkeller one takes 2 hours so we venture further afield.

Setting off we were joined by our guide and also the brewer from Stepping Stone Brewery (who's beers we'd also be sampling) and after an introduction from both we were kicking off with our first beer, a Pilsner from Stepping Stone with Mikkeller Baghaven as the backdrop before moving on to a Mikkeller IPA as we rounded the Reffen Street Food area.

It was around this time that the guide introduced himself and it turned out that he had a strong connection with Mikkeller that goes way back, back to when they were a fledgling brewery and he bought one of their first beers, a Christmas beer from 1991 and he still had the original (empty) bottle for us to photograph - the oldest bottle of Mikkeller around.

Making our way past the little mermaid and out past cute timber houses and smart flats filled with people sat on balconies all waving as we sailed past.

More beers we shared from Steppingstone and  Mikkeller and also Baghaven before making our way back to the Nyhavn area, what a brilliant and relaxing couple of hours it had been, seeing parts of the city we wouldn't normally.

Leaving the Nyhavn area and instead of taking the well trodden path back home we instead headed another route back and just around the corner we continued the nautical theme with an IPA onboard the Tipsy Mermaid- a bar on a boat.

What a cracking little place this was and it just goes to show that turning left instead of the usual right at a familiar junction can throw up some new hidden gems.

Time for some food and we were booked in at BRUS (the home of To Øl beer) so walking across town in the glorious afternoon sunshine we worked up a healthy appetite

Some spanking fresh IPAs and an insanely delicious smash burger and fried Padron peppers, everything cooked fresh in the open kitchen. Amazing beers, amazing it any wonder that we love this place so much.

Time for a quick look around the bottle and mech shop to buy some great beers then it was time to head back to our hotel to pack in readiness for tomorrow's journey home we finished the night off in Warpigs with friends Hollie and Ross...yup, another perfect day.

Jay  t_u

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