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Chimay 150 Green - 10 vol%
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:49:47 AM »

Following the initial Chimay Green "reveal message"
It was finally time to actually taste this new Trappist beer by the BBB.

This was done at

Note that they opened a second venue very recently.
Called, Tafel & Toog, and is also located very close to Bruges, at Sint-Michiels: or
I will try to visit this afternoon, and give my impressions over here asap.
The beer list sure is already top-notch!

Back to Daverlo, Sport-, Lees- en Eetcafé here in Assebroek (Brugge)

That new Trappist beer from Chimay!
Chimay 150 Green, weighing in at 10 vol%
A beer I already had when it was limited available.
Well folks, I can tell you that this beer tastes exactly the same as that first try! Same recipe for sure!

A strong blond with a lot of spices going on. Spices pointing to "coreander".
In the league of Gouden Carolus tripel and Karmeliet tripel.

A side-by-side tasting with Gouden Carolus tripel ofcourse was on order  t_u
It is clear that Karmeliet and GC tripel are more spicy, especially in the nose.
The Chimay has much more balance to it, so that coreander spiciness is vastly present, but not the dominant factor.
This Trappist beer is much more mellow and smoother too. Quite sweet and dense, and very soft on the tongue.
It is also significant more alcoholic with that 10 vol%. It sure gives a very satisfying drink.

What more can I say than that this newcomer has become my favorit Chimay beer!
I prefer this above their tripel and bleu. Actually, the red has never been my favorit at all either.
It simply is their best beer IMHO.
And what a great move from Chimay to make that beer amongst their fixed beer choice today.

BTW... we ordered the beer with an aged Chimay cheese to pair things.
That pairing went so beautiful and tasty. Just perfect.
Chimay Green was available at €4.50. The pairing came at €9.00 for the Chimay 150 Green and the cheese.

Time to head to Tafel & Toog  :smbbb:


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John B

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Re: Chimay 150 Green - 10 vol%
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2021, 01:18:34 AM »
Both the beer and the cheese plate look soooo delicious. I hope to see the new green Chimay headed this way soon.

Cheers! - John